We don’t sell a product, we sell an experience.

We create the gastro stands of the future.

We enjoy gastronomy and robots.

We combined what we love with what we can do

We are passionate about robotics and we want to bring it closer to people. Our goal is to show how robots can be useful outside of industrial applications and that they can even be fun. And since we are no strangers to gastronomy either, we put everything together and created the concept of a sales stand with robotic service.


Taste the future

Even we, as adults, believe that in each of us still remains at least a pinch of the child who once enthusiastically watched robots in movies and looked forward to the future. We believe that the future is in the cooperation of humans and robots. Even though you might get chills, our robot ice cream maker will convince you that future can be sweet too.


Meet the gastrobots

Witness the revolution in the field of gastro services and learn about the concept of gastrobots. Gastrobots are robotic ice cream makers, baristas or fast food vendors. See for yourself that although our robots speak through zeros and ones, you will get along with them.


A successful product should always meet customer´s expectations.


Ease of access and ease of use is what sets the product apart from the competition.


A unique, pleasant and fun experience is the reason why people come back.

Our robots are professionals and follow the basic laws of gastrobots.


Gastrobot must not cheat a person or, through inaction, allow them to be cheated.


A Gastrobot must obey a human’s command to serve, except except where such orders would conflict with the First Law


The Gastrobot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.


Are you organizing a large event and wondering how to make it more attractive for your visitors? We offer the rental of our robotic gastro stand, including qualified service.


Do you like our idea and you want to run your own robotic gastro stand or you would like to use it to expand the services offered in an already established store? Our gastro stands are available for sale.

Custom solutions

Do you have your own idea? We like to implement new projects and we don’t mind facing challenges. Don’t be afraid to contact us. Together we will find best solution for your vision.

What can Gastrobots do?

Ice Cream

spun ice cream, crushed ice



Hot baverages

coffee, hot chocolate, tea, punch, welder


hot dog, sandwich, muffins

Cold baverages

water, lemonade, drinks

We give joy to children

The gastrobots project started with a child’s joy, so it is a matter of course for us to spread this joy further. That’s why we gladly accepted the challenge of spinning ice cream and created zmrZlínobot, which spun ice cream for children at the children’s film festival in Zlín, where we shot several hundred ice creams a day during the festival. It must be said that the robot was a success not only with children, but also adults watched with interest how the robot was doing and even better when it was not. Sometimes everything just doesn’t go according to plan. zmrZlínobota is still waiting for another stint on the children’s day, and the children are certainly looking forward to it.

CAFEROBOT is created in the Moravian Gallery in Brno

The Moravian Gallery is preparing an attraction for its visitors in the form of a robot barista. The robot will prepare espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, tea for visitors and will even be able to print any image into the foam of the drinks. Visitors create an order at the ordering terminal, similar to what is done at McDonald’s, for example. The robot then prepares their desired drink, which it then serves on a tray with a biscuit, a spoon and a glass of water. All this in overlapping time to minimize downtime. The barista robot is nothing new, there are already several similar projects in the world, but in the Czech Republic this is the first “cafe” robot of its kind. Undoubtedly, but not the last. You too would have coffee from a robot?

COVID-19 has paved the way for robots in restaurant services

When the coronavirus crisis invaded the world, restrictions on restaurant facilities came along with it, and for many businesses this invasion meant pausing over their operations and how to adjust hygiene and service availability so that they could still function in a similar situation. Many have seen the trend of automation and robotization of restaurant equipment. For example, in Japan or China, you will meet robots in restaurant establishments practically now. Thanks to the pandemic situation, even otherwise conservative Europe is beginning to perceive that cooperation between humans and robots is an almost ideal solution for similar situations. And so in some countries, for example, robot receptionists who check the temperature of the entering customer at the same time or robot waiters who bring food on a tray to the service table have started to appear inside restaurants, thus minimizing interpersonal contact. Efforts to minimize human contact with food are also starting to appear in the preparation of meals, which at the same time aims to increase productivity in order to meet the demands of a larger number of customers. In short, new approaches are pouring in from all possible directions to automate catering operations and thereby increase hygiene standards and efficiency. In this way, robots will begin to appear much more often among people. What do you think? Are we ready for the age of robots?

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