COVID-19 has paved the way for robots in restaurant services

27. Jun 2021News

When the coronavirus crisis invaded the world, restrictions on restaurant facilities came along with it, and for many businesses this invasion meant pausing over their operations and how to adjust hygiene and service availability so that they could still function in a similar situation. Many have seen the trend of automation and robotization of restaurant equipment. For example, in Japan or China, you will meet robots in restaurant establishments practically now. Thanks to the pandemic situation, even otherwise conservative Europe is beginning to perceive that cooperation between humans and robots is an almost ideal solution for similar situations. And so in some countries, for example, robot receptionists who check the temperature of the entering customer at the same time or robot waiters who bring food on a tray to the service table have started to appear inside restaurants, thus minimizing interpersonal contact. Efforts to minimize human contact with food are also starting to appear in the preparation of meals, which at the same time aims to increase productivity in order to meet the demands of a larger number of customers. In short, new approaches are pouring in from all possible directions to automate catering operations and thereby increase hygiene standards and efficiency. In this way, robots will begin to appear much more often among people. What do you think? Are we ready for the age of robots?

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